MASH TL-3 Traffic/Sound Barrier

MASH TL-3 Traffic Barrier with Soundwall System

The proprietary Traffic Barrier with Soundwall System is a MASH TL-3 system intended for installation along roadsides where a combination traffic barrier with soundwall system is required. The system consists of precast concrete single slope traffic barriers with soundwall panels mounted above. The precast concrete traffic barriers are 1,100 mm [43.3 in] projecting 1,000 mm [3.3 feet) above the pavement and 0.648 m [25.5 in] wide at the base. Mounted on top of each precast concrete traffic barrier between the flanges of the set-back vertical W250x49 [W10x33] steel posts in drilled concrete footings installed at 4.572 m [15 ft] centres are stacked soundwall panels. The total height of the crash tested system above pavement was 5.278 m [17.3 ft).